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Enrollment of women in engineering has been less than 1% of total till 1960s; it rose to 8.3% by the mid 1990s and in 2000 it has come to 16.2% (Kumar, 2007).
Of the 25-30% women employed by IT sector, less than a tenth are in middle management, while a tiny 5% occupy senior-level positions. (IMRB Intl)

New Media and Girls' Rights - A panel discussion

9th March, 2014
Photo from the panel

Feminist Approach to Technology (FAT) in partnership with Kriti Film Club organized a panel discussion on the issue of 'New Media and Girls' Rights' at the IHC on the eve of women's day weekend. New Media and Girls' Rights is at heart of FAT's work with girls from the slum dwellings of Lajpat nagar and neigbouring areas. FAT engaged girls from these areas in a six month long project called Apna Haq. Girls underwent a six month long training in film-making, photography and radio making with a strong focus on story telling.

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Workshops on STEM education for School Girls

February, 2014, New Delhi

As a part of our school contact program, we conducted two full day long workshops in three different government schools of South Delhi. The workshops were aimed at increasing the interest of girl students from class 6th to 10th in STEM subjects and fields. Our first workshop was conducted at Govt. Co ed Senior Secondary School, Lajpat Nagar I. We had 30 girl students from class 6th to 10th attending the sessions. Their Science and Maths teachers attended the sessions too.

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Winter Camp at Tech Centre

10th - 12th January, 2014, New Delhi

We organized a three day long winter camp at our tech centre. The winter camp was attended by 20 girls who reside in the slum settlements of Lajpat Nagar and neighbouring areas. These girls also attend school where we conducted our research study.  The workshops on the first day were focused on the concepts of electricity. They were also given a circuit board and were asked to construct a circuit.  The day came to a close with a quiz on the sessions done before.

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First Screening of "Apna Haq" film

27th January 2014, New Delhi

The first phase of the "Apna Haq" project in collaboration with VOW Media is now over. All workshops and training have been completed. A radio show by the participating girls was released online earlier. Now, we released the film on toilet situation in Delhi colonies made by the girls and a photo book by the girls. The first screening happened on 27th January 2014 at Lok Kala Manch, New Delhi. It was attended by the participants of "Apna Haq" and their parents and many other guests.

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Science Camp for Girls

10th - 12th January 2014

A three day long winter camp on Science and Technology was organized at FAT's tech centre for school girls from 10th to 12th January 2014. On the first day, girls got to do exciting experiments. They saw presentations on Indian female innovators, techies and scientists. They also participated in the quizzes based on the sessions. On the second day they created magnets with the help of electricity, understood the fundamentals of magnetism. On the last day the camp concluded with a screening of a short film on Kalpana Chawla.

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The “Incredulous” Public-Private Divide


“Incredulous” was the word that came to my mind when I reached one of capital's most prominent private schools for data collection. The disparity between government schools and private schools in terms of facilities and resources was akin to being on two different planets at the same time.

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My experience in government schools when collecting data

October and November 2013 saw us reaching out to government schools for the quantitative data collection for FAT's school contact programme. FAT's school contact program is a two pronged project, consisting of a research component and an intervention component. The research component is aimed at finding out reasons as to why do girls self eliminate themselves from STEM subjects, and on the basis of those findings, proposed interventions would be put in place.

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Will they get their right?

Girls from Lajpat Nagar are fighting for their right to clean and safe sanitation. We all read and debate a lot about issues relating to corruption, rising prices and unemployment. But do not realize that for few, having safe sanitation is a bigger problem than any other. Our girls tell that 700 houses in their settlement use 20 toilets. These toilets are cleaned once during the course of the day.

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Empowering young girls by making them tech-enabled

- By Tanushree Bhasin, Sunday Guardian, 27th July 2013

Seventeen-year-old Neha's family had forbidden her to study further after she passed out of school. Little did she know that enrolling herself at the local technical centre in Lajpat Nagar would completely turn her life around. For the technical centre she attended wasn't a typical computer training centre. 

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Tech Center - Is it a computer learning center for girls?

Tech Center - Is it a computer learning center for girls? FAT as an organisation is committed towards creating a world where the access, use and application of technology is gender neutral, and FAT’s tech centre is a big leap in that direction. Tech center is a space where girls get an opportunity to explore, experiment  and use technology. We do not identify ourselves as a charitable institution or simply a computer centre or even a skill building organisation. We have never believed in the idea of creating cogs to be fitted into machines fit for the market. Read More