Support a film on Early Marriage made by young girls!

Support a project will help adolescent girls from socially and economically disadvantaged sections of society to use technology both as a tool and as a medium in helping them raise their voices and generate awareness on the issue of early marriage. Girls associated with our Technical Center would shoot and produce a film on early marriage that would highlight their daily struggles in countering this social menace. We need just $5000 for it for which we need your support! Donate to us and also help us secure a permanent place in Global Giving, a well known crowd funding platform.

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Linking the theory and practice of feminism at Tech Center

When I sat to pen down my thoughts on my first job experience, I was indecisive about what aspect to write about. There was so much happening—a new job, living all by myself in a new city, transition from being a student to a proffessional. Everything was suddenly different now and I was struggling and adjusting with this new phase of life. I thought I was strong and independent but dealing with so many things on my own made me feel burdened. My workplace was not a stereotypical workplace, it was a ‘free space’ for 60 girls who come there everyday.This was called the Technical Centre. But this name did not express what really happened inside. It was so much more.

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FAT enters the gates and minds of LSR girls

A feminist going back to a place that introduced her to feminism is like visiting her place of birth. This is because the place taught me the true meaning of womanhood and what it entails. who I am – a woman.  I received this wonderful opportunity when I was invitd by the Political Science Department of Lady Shri Ram College for Women, my alma mater, to speak on “Women, technology and feminism”. Needless to mention, I was surprised, excited and nervous all at the same time. I was about to go back to my college and speak to them about my new adventures, explorations and revelations with feminism and technology at Feminist Approach to Technology (FAT), my recent work and hangout place.

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Young Feminists Finding their 5th Space

It’s never too late to find yourself and never too early to explore.   ComMutiny – the Youth Collective organised a film screening at the Tech Center where films based on the principle of “fifth space” – an exploratory space where one undertakes a journey from self to society by making the other four spaces of family, friends, career/education and leisure count. 

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Girls organize ‘Apna Haq’ screening in Narela - 'अपना हक़' की स्क्रीनिंग नरेला में लड़कियों द्वारा आयोजित

फेट के टेक सेंटर की लड़कियो ने हाल ही में नरेला जाकर बाल संगठन संस्था मे फिल्म दिखाई ओर अपनी संस्था के बारे मे भी बताया | हमने बताया और समझाया की किस तरह यह समस्या सामने आई, शुरुआत कहाँ से की, लड़कियो ने इस फिल्म को कैसे बनाया ओर किस तरह सभी लड़कियां अपनी-अपनी ज़िम्मेदारी निभा रही थी जैसे  पिक्चर शूटिंग, रिपोर्ट बनाना, विडियो तैयार करना आदि |

The girls at the Tech Center who were associated with the making of their film ‘Apna Haq’ recently organized a community screening at Narela. We explained the purpose and motive behind making this film and explained the issues we faced while filming it, how it all began, how the girls got together to work on this project and how we performed each of their responsibilities—from shooting, to report writing to editing—efficiently.

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The story of Tech Center - टेक सेंटर की कहानी, रेखा की ज़ुबानी

मुझे फैट में दो साल से ज्यादा हो गया है , मैने यहाँ पर टेक्नोलॉजी (बेसिक कंप्यूटर कोर्स और कैमरा) सीखा और साथ साथ वर्कशॉप के जरिये अपने हक़ के बारे में जाना ।आज मैं  भी टेक सेंटर की लड़कियों को पढ़ाती हूँ | टेक सेंटर मे लड़कियों को पढ़ाने में हम हमेशा कुछ न कुछ बदलाव करते रहते है ताकि लड़कियों को  हम और भी अच्छी तरह समझे ,जाने और उनका  आत्मविश्वास बढ़ाए। 

It’s been over two years at FAT for me and I have learned basics of technology at the Tech Center, including basic computer skills and camera course, while also understanding and learning about my rights by attending various workshops organized by FAT. Today, I teach girls at the Tech Center ensuring that they learn not just technology but understand and realize their rights and build their self-confidence.

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Learning about feminism: through the eyes of young girls’

I enter the Tech Center with a lot of inhibitions. About twenty girls who have never seen me before eyeing me from top to bottom. I adjust my dupatta. Maybe they are judging if it matches with the rest of my attire. My colleague, Shivani, who is about to take a session on “Feminism” with these young girls has repeatedly assured me how beautiful and wonderful these girls are. But I have my own set of inhibitions. This is my first entry into a world of young girls coming from urban poor slums wanting to know about feminism and curious enough to come together and listen about it. I take out my notepad to make notes, if any.

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New Media and Girls' Rights - A panel discussion

9th March, 2014
Photo from the panel

Feminist Approach to Technology (FAT) in partnership with Kriti Film Club organized a panel discussion on the issue of 'New Media and Girls' Rights' at the IHC on the eve of women's day weekend. New Media and Girls' Rights is at heart of FAT's work with girls from the slum dwellings of Lajpat nagar and neigbouring areas. FAT engaged girls from these areas in a six month long project called Apna Haq. Girls underwent a six month long training in film-making, photography and radio making with a strong focus on story telling.

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Workshops on STEM education for School Girls

February, 2014, New Delhi

As a part of our school contact program, we conducted two full day long workshops in three different government schools of South Delhi. The workshops were aimed at increasing the interest of girl students from class 6th to 10th in STEM subjects and fields. Our first workshop was conducted at Govt. Co ed Senior Secondary School, Lajpat Nagar I. We had 30 girl students from class 6th to 10th attending the sessions. Their Science and Maths teachers attended the sessions too.

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