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Enrollment of women in engineering has been less than 1% of total till 1960s; it rose to 8.3% by the mid 1990s and in 2000 it has come to 16.2% (Kumar, 2007).
Of the 25-30% women employed by IT sector, less than a tenth are in middle management, while a tiny 5% occupy senior-level positions. (IMRB Intl)

My first outstation workshop - मेरा पहला बाहरी कार्यशाला

Varsha is one of FAT's emerging young women leader. She recently joined FAT as an Intern at our Tech Center. Few months back, she attended a gender training organized in Himachal Pradesh and it was her first time going out of Delhi with friends rather than with family. She narrates her experience as she writes her first blog!

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The findings of my first study - gender in technical institutes


Rekha, an alumni of FAT's tech center, received a fellowship to do a study how gender plays a role in course selection in ITIs and Polytechnic colleges in South Delhi. This blog narrates her findings. The full report (in Hindi) is also available to download. 

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Final Lap of Preparation for the Campaign against Early and Forced Marriage

Girls in group discussion

We have entered an intense and energetic fourth phase of the project on Early and Forced Marriage (EFM). This is a preparatory phase for the campaign against Early and Forced Marriage led by the group of 30 participating girls (participants of the EFM) from low-income urban communities in South Delhi. In the earlier three phases, girls learnt the technical skills of photography and filmmaking from our media trainer Ms Pooja Pant, a renowned documentary filmmaker who also heads Voices of Women Media (VOW) in Kathmandu, Nepal. Along with the technical skills, the girls have been involved in discussions and workshops (both internal and external) about building conceptual clarity around the topic of EFM.

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My one month at FAT - and introduction to feminism

A short and simple blog post by one of our new team members, Sunil. Sunil takes care of Admin and Accounts at FAT. He joined FAT a month ago and was very suprised to about a golden rule at FAT. Read on to know what rule is that.

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Vacancy Announcement - Program Associate Jugaad Lab


Love Science and Technology? Have a knack for making things? Love to work with children? If yes, Feminist Approach to Technology (FAT) is looking for you. Click on the link for more information.

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Fighting for her right to education: the story of Durga

This may be the story of someone you have never met, but the pressure and the struggle she describes is something many of us can relate to. The story of Durga, as captured by Manisha Massey

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The complexities of marrying early

Wanting to marry before getting a college degree or while getting one is as much a social aberration as a career-oriented woman wanting to prioritize her education and career over her marriage. Is there ever a right answer, asks Manisha Massey

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Defying all odds: Renu's transformative story

Women face adversities manifesting in different forms. These adversities may seem superficial or life altering to a third party. However, no two women’s stories are the same and thus all stories of discrimination, harassment, violence or inequality are essential for understanding the ways in which they carve out their own space in a deeply patriarchal society. This is the story of Renu, who defied all odds on the face of strict norms that her family imposed upon her. As captured by Anjora Sarangi

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An unforgettable FAT trip!

Exposure visits have always been a part of the Tech Center Curriculum. As soon as the girls finish their computer course, we arrange one. Throughout the duration of the course, we promise the girls that there is a surprise awaiting them if they finish their course successfully. By Risha Samanta

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One year and counting

Joining FAT was an experiment by almost all standards—a new city, a new field, a new designation and new roles and responsibilities. Well, the city wasn’t entirely new. By Deepa Ranganathan

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