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Current Campaign

Challenging and igniting inquisitive minds to break gender stereotypes and catalyzing change

Weaving a story of change by making stuff using STEM approaches and through that breaking gender stereotypes. We want all girls to be able to anything they want. #MakeIT2BreakIT campaign is an effort to raise funds to sustain the Jugaad Lab.

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Making classes possible for 20 little innovators

The Little Innovators

Sponsor a Little Innovator of Jugaad Lab

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Sponsor mentors for guiding the girls on STEM

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Help Jugaad Lab take the girls for exposure visits in Delhi

Volunteer @ Jugaad Lab

Volunteer with Jugaad Lab for a year and help the little innovators

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Help us raise funds to sustain Jugaad Lab for a year

  • Uma,Girl Power Leader

    Uma is a young girl with big dreams, and she is determined to follow each one. Watch her girl power story in her own words.

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  • Renu,Trainee, YWLP

    Renu’s story is of a fearless girl who took her life into her own hands. Her story of overcoming prejudice and discrimination is one, millions of women face all over the world.

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  • Haseen,Girl Power Leader

    She is a young girl who dreams of becoming a police officer someday. She wants to work to protect the people around her.

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  • Durga Vishwas,Girl Power Leader

    This is Durga's Girl Power Story, where she talks about her daily struggles against early and forced marriage and how she negotiates with her family.

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  • Jyoti,Intern, YWLP

    Jyoti is a hardworking and dedicated girl, and is currently working as an admin intern at FAT. She is also enrolled in the campaign to fight against early and forced marriage.

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