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The little innovators' visit to Cherry Comet Instant Ice-cream

Our team member Aakriti shares exciting stories from an exposure visit of the Jugaad Lab participants and the never-ending questions they have!

Girl leaders are emerging in Jharkhand!

#GirlPowerLeaders from Delhi and Jharkhand are collaborating to further their campaign against Early and Forced Marriage! 

What Peace Means for Girls?

Films by 6 #GirlPowerLeaders of FAT won "What peace means to me" short film contest. Their mentor, Deepika, pens down a blog. Read in english as well as hindi.

Introducing FAT's 2016 Young Women's Leadership Program Fellows

This year, 3 girls from our leadership program received the level 3 fellowship.

Not “just a man’s business” - Indian women fighting for participation in the IT Boom

An article featuring FAT in German e-magazine www.deine-korrespondentin.de on 24th August 2016 by Lea Gölnitz. Translated by FAT's volunteer Marlene Mouson.

A day’s work and dilemmas it brings

FAT's Executive Director blogs about the challenges and dilemmas we face as we work with girls and on girls' rights.

FAT's Mobilization Drive - Elisa

When I started my internship with FAT, I had the opportunity to become part of the mobilization process to recruit the next batch of girls that will attend the computer classes and workshops in the FAT Tech Center, starting in April 2016.

Glimpses into the lives of different families

I love working with the girls who come to the Tech Center. Together we play, learn, work, and talk about what we love, our likes and dislikes. They come to FAT to learn computer skills, but as time goes by, they realize that they start understanding themselves better. They want to know who they are, and what they can do with their lives. - Rekha

My first community visit

Being a part of the administrative staff at FAT, I don’t get too many chances to interact with the girls from the Tech Center, and know little about their struggles. I was asked to go for a community visit to our student, Afsana’s home to find out why she had suddenly dropped out of the EFM project. - Faiza

My first outstation workshop - मेरा पहला बाहरी कार्यशाला

Varsha is one of FAT's emerging young women leader. She recently joined FAT as an Intern at our Tech Center. Few months back, she attended a gender training organized in Himachal Pradesh and it was her first time going out of Delhi with friends rather than with family. She narrates her experience as she writes her first blog!